The Finishing Touch for your Outdoor Living Space

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So you've just beautifully designed and constructed your ideal outdoor living space. All is stunning and just how you want it. Or is it? Perhaps you feel you are just missing a little something, perhaps that finishing touch. Something to give it a unique flavour, a family feel or a sense of relaxation and tranquillity.

If so then we may have just what you need to set the scene and add that final touch to complete your space. A hammock - and a quality Mexican handwoven hammock at that is sure to enhance any outdoor living space!

Mexican hammock and stand

At Mexican Hammocks New Zealand we have a range of sizes and styles of hammocks to suit any outdoor space - old or new. Whether you'd like a large and comfortable hammock for the whole family to be able to jump in together, such as our king size or thick cord hammock, a couple of chair hammocks to hang from a beam, or you are looking for that extra touch of class then our resort style spreader bar hammock will complete the part. We have something to suit all requirements and tastes

Hanging hammock chairs

Sure outdoor furniture is functional and can look great, but to get that relaxing feeling and create an outdoor living space that is truly 'your' place to enjoy and relax in, then you can't go past a hammock. Whether you have a new outdoor area or an existing space, both will benefit and be enhanced by creating a little oasis of rest and invite that feeling of relaxation.

As we head into Spring in the next few weeks, we will also have available a new range of hammock stands. These are perfect for an outdoor living space, allowing you to setup your hammock wherever you wish, and giving you the practicality to move it around. Following the sun or shade, or just to find a favourite spot. We will have both wooden arc-shaped stands and metal arc stands, along with chair hammock stands coming in this spring. Feel free to email us your interest if you would like one of these. We have run out of stock of these pre-Christmas the last two years. We do have a lot more due this year but don't delay and risk missing out.

Metal arc hammock stand with Mexican cotton hammock 

Enjoy your outdoor living from the team at Mexican Hammocks NZ.

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