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What Do I Need To Hang My Hammock?

So you've got the hammock, or you are about to get the hammock but are not quite sure what you might need to get it hung.

That's alright, we have put together some information here to help assist when selecting the right hanging accessories to get your hammock off the ground and you relaxing comfortably.

Firstly, you need a suitable amount of space to hang your hammock. There needs to be atleast 3.5m between the two points you plan to hang your hammock from, whether trees, posts or walls, and approx 1.5-1.8m high for your hanging points. If installing hammock posts we recommend a span of 4m with hanging fixtures set at 1.8m high. This is generally enough space for even the largest hammocks with room to adjust the hang of your hammock as necessary.  

When it comes to hanging your hammock there are basically four main accessory options and each may suit some situations better than others. As such there is no 'one size fits all' hanging accessory and for this reason, we don't include them with your hammock. These hanging accessory options include;

1. Hammock Rope

Hammock hanging rope

Rope is a great practical hanging accessory. It can be used to tie your hammock between trees and posts or to attach to existing hammock attachment points. It is highly practical in allowing you to adjust the hang of your hammock and span distances wider than your hammock. To use simply tie one end around the hammock loop end and the other around your post or tree, such as per the image above. For some knot tying instructions see our hammock instructions, use and care guide (down near the bottom). Alternatives to rope include chain or strong straps. When tying around trees, tree straps are often a more tree-friendly alternative as they don't dig into your trees as ropes can do.  

Our rope set includes 2 x 2m lengths of rope.

2. Rope/Hooks/Screws Set

Hammock rope, screws and hooks

This hanging set is best suited for setting up a permanent hanging solution into a solid wood fixture, such as posts or walls. The screw eye hooks are first fixed directly into wood creating a strong anchor point. The rope is then used between the screws and your hammock loops to span any necessary distance. By using the 's' hooks at either end of the rope (directly onto the hammock or screw eyes), this saves undoing and re-tying knots and makes taking down and hanging your hammock a very quick and easy process. 

Our hanging set includes 2 x 2m lengths of rope, 2 screw eye hooks and 2 's' hooks.

3. Hammock Tree Straps

Hammock tree straps

Tree straps are the quickest and easiest option for hanging from trees and posts. These straps have multiple loops allowing very easy hanging and adjusting of your hammock.  The straps simply wrap around your trees or posts, feeding back through the first loop which then tightens when weight is applied preventing them from slipping down. One end of the 's' hooks then attaches to the best-suited loops and the other onto the hammock loop. With multiple loops, you can easily adjust the hang of your hammock by using a closer or further away loop. For hammocks that have thick loop ends too large for the 's' hook openings, you can feed the straps through the loop and use the 's' hooks to connect two loops together. 

Our tree strap set includes 2 x 2.8m length nylon straps with 18 loop attachments and 2 's' hooks.

4. Hammock Stands

Brown metal hammock stand

If you don't have suitable trees or existing features to hang your hammock from, then hammock stands are a great option. Alternatively, if you want your hammock to be freestanding, such as on your lawn, deck or patio hammock stands are the ideal solution. Simply assemble the stand where you wish to enjoy your hammock and with the included stand fixtures you can hang your hammock without the need for any further accessories. Stands can also easily be taken down for storage or transport.