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'Hammock Heaven' was a recent editorial that appeared in last Novembers Agtrader Catalogue. The Agtrader is a mail order catalogue and Internet shopping guide, which is distributed for free around the rural areas and communities of New Zealand.

Mexican Hammocks had the pleasure of the cover position for last year's Christmas edition (Volume 22).  This was a catalogue I had not heard of previously but was very pleased with the response our ad and editorial received. I am glad to hear many farms and lifestyle blocks throughout New Zealand are now enjoying the relaxation of a Mexican hammock when they knock off from a day of hard work.  

So here is a copy of the editorial as it appears;

Hammock Heaven

There's something serene about lying in a hammock on a balmy day - it's the ultimate in comfort and relaxation, with your body softly supported and gently swaying.

That is of course if you have a quality hammock.  Otherwise be prepared for pinched skin, a sagging middle and constantly trying to keep your balance!

Kiwi traveller Mike Rennie didn't appreciate the true benefits of a hammock until he came across hand-woven hammocks in Mexico.  He was so impressed, he has now turned this passion into a successful business.

These quality hand woven Mexican hammocks are now available through his online business and best of all, come from single to King size - big enough for the whole family to enjoy!

They are an ideal birthday, wedding or Christmas present.  As well as being handmade in a dazzling array of colours, giving a hammock as a gift ensures the recipient can enjoy some relaxing time out in total comfort.

"When I visited Mexico, hammocks were everywhere; hotels, backpackers, campsites, and in every home," said Mike.

"After returning to New Zealand, I couldn't find anywhere that had hammocks of similar quality so decided to import hammocks from Merida, Mexico, where all the best quality hand-woven hammocks come from."

After securing distribution rights from one of the largest makers of hammocks, Mike wasted no time setting up his online company and already the response and feedback has been impressive.

"The fact all our hammocks are 100 percent hand-made by indigenous Mayan Indians of Mexico, who have been making and using hammocks for over 1000 years, means we are selling a quality product with an enviable history."

"Each hammock is individually made by a weaver who is an artist in their own right.  They are free to choose their own patterns and colours, meaning you get a beautifully unique product made with professional experience and care."

One hammock takes between 5-30 days to make and uses thousands of metres of fine soft cotton or nylon cords.  Just one king-sized hammock alone uses 6000 metres of cord!

"There are no rush jobs or mass factory products here!" said Mike.

The range also includes hammock chairs and Mexican blankets.

View the impressive range for yourself at or contact Mike on ph:021 123 8963.

There you go!  Thanks very much for the editorial Lisa. Other than advertising in Agtrader I am not affiliated with them in any way, but they are great to deal with and if you want to advertise with them you can contact them on 0800 55 55 44.

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