Mexican Blanket Guide

If you are looking to add some Mexican styling to your home or are after a unique and versatile blanket then a Mexican blanket or rug is a great option. At the Mexican Hammock Store, we have a lot of different types of Mexican blankets available that are sure to look great in any setting but you might be wondering what are the differences between the various types we have and what might work best for you. In this guide we will break down the different types of Mexican blankets we have to help you choose the best one for you. Our range includes;

  • Sarape Blankets
  • Falsa Blankets
  • Thunderbird Blankets
  • Saltillo Blankets
  • Fish Blankets
  • Hawkeye Rugs
  • Day of the Dead Blankets

Sarape Blanket

Mexican Sarape Blanket

Probably the most common and popular style of Mexican blanket, the sarape or serape is iconically Mexican. The sarape blanket is a colourful striped blanket available in a huge range of colours. Each blanket will consist of a main thick striped colour with multiple supporting striped colours of various sizes. The sarape is a handwoven blanket and as such generally, there will be variations in these secondary colours between blankets. This makes for a great unique piece. 

The most popular uses for these blankets include bedspreads, lounge suite covers, table cloths, picnic and beach blankets. They are also very popular as car seat blankets particularly in American style classic cars, hot rods, utes and trucks where they are also frequently upholstered onto seats.

Mexican Blanket Car Seat Cover

Sarape blankets are made with thinner finer material than a lot of Mexican blankets which makes for a lovely lightweight blanket. Having one handy on the couch is great for wrapping up in on those colder nights. Equally, they are great combined with a hammock for those colder days or when star gazing.  The soft feel also makes them popular for exercising or doing yoga on.

Sarape Striped Mexican BlanketWhen choosing a sarape it is important to note that not all sarapes are created equal. There are different quality grades and at the Mexican Hammock Store we have always stocked the highest grade we can find. The higher grade sarapes will be very soft and gentle to the touch, the colours will be more vivid and the stripe lines more defined. They feel great wrapped up in or exercising on. Lower grade sarapes are more prominent both online and in the Mexican markets. They will feel a little rougher to the touch, the individual lines will be more blurred and there will be more white thread showing through the blanket colours.

We generally have over 30 different sarape blanket colours to choose from and get new colours every year. If bright colours are not your thing, not to worry as there are more muted colours options available such as black and white, blue and white, and brown tones. 

Price: $109.95


  • 2.10m Long x 1.60m Wide
  • Weight Approx 1kg 

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Falsa Blanket

Falsa Blankets

Another very common and popular Mexican blanket. Falsa blankets are a favourite among yoga users and very popular as lounge suite throws or bedspread blankets. Rolled or folded up they make nice pillows for when resting in a hammock.

The material thickness and weave vary from the sarape blankets in that the material is thicker and the weave is looser - more like a knitted weave. 

The falsa blankets have a nice rustic look to them with various stripe widths and diamond pattern sections. They are made from recycled fabrics so the colours are not completely uniform and you will see flecks of different colours throughout the falsa blankets which adds to the charm and uniqueness of each blanket. 

Red and Black Striped Falsa Blanket

Falsa blankets are handmade in small colour batches so generally, we have a lot of different colours but in small quantities per colours. We receive our falsa blanket orders in randomly selected colours so if you see something you love - grab it as we can't guarantee we'll receive the same colour again. 

Price: $69.95


  • Approx 1.70-1.90m Long x 1.2 - 1.3m Wide
  • Weight Approx 1kg 

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Thunderbird Blanket

Turquoise Thunderbird Blanket

Not the 'Thunderbirds are go' type blanket but more a southwestern style blanket that is perfect at home or for out and about on your next adventure. Our thunderbird blankets are a very large and heavyweight woven blanket - at around 2.2kg they also work as a floor rug and make a great picnic, camping and festival rug. 

The weave on the thunderbird blankets are very tight so they are little thinner than the falsa and saltillo blankets but have a much heavier and denser feel to them.

With a stunning centre bird image and colourful stripes this blanket is also popular as a feature piece wall hanging especially if you are looking to add a little 'western' styling to any space.

Made from heavy-weight acrylic material they are not quite as soft as our sarape or falsa blankets but are large enough to easily wrap two or more people in and will still keep you warm and cozy. They make for brilliant bedspreads, instantly enhancing any bedroom.

Black Thunderbird Blanket

Price: $129.95


  • 2.10m Long x 1.50m Wide
  • Weight Approx 2.2kg 

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Saltillo Blanket

Saltillo Mexican Diamond Hand-loomed Blanket

The saltillo or diamond blanket lies somewhere in between the falsa and thunderbird blanket in terms of weave, weight and thickness. They are more tightly hand-loomed from a heavier duty acrylic fabric than the falsa blankets but the weave is not quite as tight and dense as the thunderbird blankets. As such they are our thickest blanket and are a great blanket for warmth both as a bedspread or for on the couch. 

They have a large center diamond pattern with striped ends giving them a Mex-western type feel. Available in brilliant bright colours or more neutral browns and greys. 

Size wise they are the most narrow blanket we stock, but are still nice and long at 2m in length. 

Red Saltillo Mexican Blanket

Price: $109.95


  • 2.00m Long x 1.20m Wide
  • Weight Approx 1.5kg 

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Fish Blanket (New for 2021)

Mexican Fish Blanket

The Mexican 'fish' blanket is a classic design that is often found in beach towns and surf type backpackers in Mexico. A very thick and soft blanket with unique colourful fish patterns it's a favourite amongst surfers, ocean lovers and perfect for baches, campers and RVs.

A unique feature is due to the handmade nature generally the colour of the individual fish differ from blanket to blanket so it's rare to find two blankets exactly alike. 

They very similar to the saltillo size blankets in terms of thickness, material, weave, dimensions and weight so combine well with that style also.

Mexican Fish Blanket

Price: $109.95


  • 2.00m Long x 1.30m Wide
  • Weight Approx 1.5kg 

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Hawkeye Rug

Grey Hawkeye Floor Rug

Our hawkeye rugs are a tightly woven acrylic floor rug available in two sizes. Ideal for a front door mat or area rug. They are strong and durable with acrylic material woven over a poly blend warp for greater strength and durability while maintaining brilliant vivid colours. They are also hypoallergenic, stain and UV resistant.

The western styling adds a great country 'touch' to any space and can also be used as a wall hanging or draped over the back of a couch.

The design of this rug is inspired by Monte 'Hawkeye' Henson who is a famous American country music artist champion bronco rider.

Hawkeye Rug on Couch

Price: $69.95 - $99.95

Dimensions - Two Size Options

  • 50cm by 100cm
  • 80cm by 160cm 

Day of the Dead Blanket

Day of the Dead Large Skull Design Blanket

The Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is a very important day celebrated in Mexico every year and spent in prayer and remembrance of family and friends who have passed away. A particular design element related to this style is colourful skulls and active skeletons which these blankets are based on.

Not a traditional woven blanket, these blankets are made from super plush polyester material in Mexico. They have a lovely soft warm feel and come in three style variations with brilliant colours on black backgrounds. 

These are a very versatile blanket and are popular on beds, in the car and on the couch. They also make a great feature item for Mexican celebrations and Day of the Dead events.

Day of the Dead Fiesta Image Blanket

Price: $79.95


  • 2.00m Long x 1.50m Wide
  • Weight Approx 1kg

Authentic Mexican Made

All our Mexican sarape, falsa, fish and saltillo blankets are authentic Mexican hand-loomed by skill artisan weavers. Due to this nature though minor imperfections such as loop knots may be apparent but this never detracts from the over look and feel of the blanket. The video below shows part of the blanket looming process