Installing Hammock Posts

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When it comes to hanging your hammock often you may find you have one solid hanging point but not a second. If you don't have suitable trees or existing features from which to hang a hammock you may want to consider installing a hammock post or two.

Installing Hammock Posts

The above hammock post setup (photo supplied from a customer in Huntly) included an extra post at each end anchored together for extra strength. The hammock used is a Mexican thick cord hammock. Rope and screw eye hooks were used between the posts and hammock ends. Posts are set at 4m apart and hooks at 1.8m.

Fortunately, this is not too difficult a process and shouldn't take you too long until you have the perfect hammock hanging spot.

To start with you want solid post at for each end, such as H4 treated pine, 2400 x 100 x 100mm, ready-mix concrete a spirit level, shovel and bracing.

Firstly measure out the area and space you require. We recommend a distance of approx 4m between your two fixing points and hung from a height of 1.8m.

Start by digging out a hole approx 500 - 600mm deep and wide. Stand the post in the hole and then fill around it with water and ready-mix concrete. Level this concrete off with a slight slope so water can runoff.

Adjust the post using your spirit level to get squared and level, and then brace the post while the concrete dries.

Repeat the process if needing a second post. You don't necessarily need two posts if you can use a tree, fence or wall as the second hanging point.

Once the concrete has dried, you can then create a hanging point. Installing solid hanging points can be done using a screw eye hook as per the image below screwed directly into the wood. Then attaching your hammock directly or with rope to span any distance. Using rope between your hammock and the hooks gives you more adjustability on your hang.

Screw eye hooks

If you have more than one hammock to hang, then adding a third post is a great option, as this will then give you hanging points for three hammocks.

Hammocks hanging from posts

Disclaimer; The information on this blog post is provided in good faith and is to the best of our knowledge correct. We are however not builders or LBP's and suggest you check with a local building practitioner if unsure. We always welcome comments or other suggestions if you have something to add.

From the team at the Mexican Hammock Store.

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