About Us - Our Story

After traveling through and falling in love with Mexico in the mid 2000's, yet being disappointed with the lack of authentic Mexican products and quality hammocks available in New Zealand the Mexican Hammock Store (Mexican Hammocks Ltd) was established by Mike Rennie in 2007.

Starting with a small quantity of hammocks imported direct from Mérida, Mexico these were sold through a self-made online store and Trademe. These initial hammocks proved to be a hit and quickly sold out.

Hammock man Mike and Buddy

Frustrated with online shopping experiences and service at this time Mike strove to do better with prompt communication, same day order dispatch and overnight deliveries to most parts of New Zealand. Something the Mexican Hammock Store still strongly focuses on achieving.

Originally based in the Wellington region, but since 2014 the Mexican Hammock Store has been operating in rural Tauranga, with our expanded range of products now including Mexican hammocks, hammock stands, hanging accessories along with Mexican blankets, Baja hoodies, sombreros, ponchos and more.

The hammocks we sell are all traditionally hand-woven by Mayan men and women in the state of Yucatán, México. The work on hammocks is done in order to supplement their family income and provides sustainable employment whilst also helping to preserve the traditional Mayan culture. Since the work is done at home, working conditions are better than in factories and more environmentally friendly. In this way, the weavers can work and take care of their children at the same time. If they want to take a day off for medical, family, or personal reasons, they do so without the need to ask anyone's permission or report to anyone. When they have finished the hammocks, they deliver them to our company representative or our representative goes to their village to collect. 

Mike and village hammock weavers

Through our long-term supplier employment is provided to many weavers in remote village areas that don't often have many work opportunities. We believe in Fair Trade principles by paying and rewarding our workers fairly for their skilful hammock weaving. This shows through in the high quality of our hammocks, as our weavers are happy in their work.

We are extremely proud of our loyal hammock supplier in Mérida who has also recently been awarded a Fair Trade Federation Membership, are a certified 'B' Corporation. They have developed and are growing their own non-profit organisation, Fundacion Cielo, whose mission is “working to end the cycle of inter-generational poverty in the Yucatán by improving the health, education and leadership skills of the Yucatan People”. So not only are you getting the most comfortable hammock in the world but you are doing so through a socially responsible, Fair Trade company that is dedicated to improving the lives and communities from which our products come from.

Fair trade and b corp hammocks

We are exclusive New Zealand distributors and stockists of 'Cielo Hammocks' who are both a Fair Trade Federation Member and B Corporation Company.


The 'Girl Effect' Scholarship

In 2020 we committed to working more closely with the Cielo Foundation to help support their 'Girl Effect' program within the Yucatán region of Mexico. The goal is to empower young women in underserved communities through education and break the poverty cycle. This involves providing individual scholarships for young women throughout their study towards a bachelor's degree. These scholarships last for 5 years and contribute to tuition, mentorship, additional coaching and training, transportation and more to aid these young women in achieving their education goals and potential. We have committed to providing a scholarship for a young woman named Blanca Paloma throughout her nursing studies.

The Girl Effect Student Scholarship Recipient

Our Goal 
Mexican Hammocks Ltd aims to provides New Zealanders with superior quality hammocks at affordable prices. We want to provide our clients with a unique online experience through an easy to use and informative online store backed up by prompt communication and fast delivery. We strive to improve the lives of the local native Mayan community by providing sustainable employment and fair working conditions.

Cielo & Mexican Hammock Store Team

Above: Mike with part of our team of weavers in Mexico. 

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