Shortening Your Hammock

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If you find you have what seems like the perfect space for a hammock, but the hammock is just a bit too long you can make a quick and simple adjustment to your hammock which will shorten its total length and allow you to use the space.

The same method can be used if you wish to shorten your hammock to fit into a hammock frame, such as our curved hammock stand of a similar design as shown in the video below. You may find with our non-spreader bar Mexican hammocks (double, queen, king, and thick cord hammocks) that you need to make adjustments to it as shown in the video below to avoid hanging too low.

This technique generally works with all non-spreader bar type hammocks. It works quite well with Mexican hammocks as they have long arms cords so can be knotted without affecting the spread of your hammock noticeably.

By simply making a knot at each end of the hammock you can shorten the total length by approx 40cm. If need you can do this for both ends but you may find you only need to do this at one end depending on your space requirements. Basically, you want to create a knot at the loop end of your hammock, which you can do so by wrapping the arm cords around your wrist and then feeding the loop end through the opening created. The video and image below will give you a good idea of how to do this.

We recommend you to make the knots close to the loops not to the body and always take care when tying to ensure the cords do not tangle.

Another alternative for hanging your hammock in small spaces include hanging your loop ends higher, however, this will result in more of a 'U' shape hang to your hammock rather than a nice arc. 

Shortening your hammock


If you find your hammock is still too long then it might be worth considering alternative options for hanging your hammock. If you have posts or trees this could include hammock tree straps, which at only $31.95 are a cost-effective way to quickly and easily hang your hammock between trees. Into posts, you could also use screw-in hooks. If you need some ideas on how to install hammock posts see this blog post; Installing Hammock Posts 

Mexican Hammock Between Posts

Of if you don't have trees, or prefer the hammock closer to the house such as on a deck or patio you may want to consider a longer hammock frame or one with adjustable hanging capabilities. We have a couple of great options that are highly versatile in that they have an adjustable hook system that can accommodate hammocks of various lengths. Both styles of hammocks will accommodate hammocks up to at least 4.10m long. Great for longer length Mexican and Brazilian hammocks. The arc stand is the better option for spreader bar style hammocks as the metal beam curves away from the spreader bar giving the hammock more room. Click on either of the images to view individual product information.

Metal Arc Hammock Stand - $349.95

Metal Arc Hammock Stand

Metal Hammock Stand - $249.95

Metal Hammock Stand Adjustable


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