Hammock Stand Guide 2013 - Updated 2018

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This summer at Mexican hammocks NZ we have worked on providing a great range of free standing hammock stands and frames. Often a difficult item to find and obtain we are pleased to be able to offer a great range of four different free-standing hammock frames to choose from.

No more need for perfectly spaced trees or posts, get out that hammock that has never been used and into one of our great hammock stands. This guide will cover the various hammock stands we have on offer and what may be most suitable for your setting.

One thing we take pride in with all our products including our hammock stands it that we use and test each product - we are knowledgeable about our products to answer any queries you may have. We take real product photos, not just supplier supplied pictures so you can see them exactly as they are and how they look in the New Zealand environment.

Due to the industrial manufacturing requirements of hammock stands we have these made in China. We deal with a quality company and have visited our supplier’s factory in China where our stands are made to ensure they are made to our requirements and standards. Similarly, with our handmade hammocks, we travel regularly to Mexico to visit our supplier and weavers who mostly work from a home-based setting.

2013 Hammock Stand Guide - **Updated 2018

1. Adjustable Metal Hammock Stand - $239.95. This is our smallest hammock stand, yet it is still made to a solid and durable standard. At 3.1m in total length, it is a great stand for smaller environments, whether a deck, apartment balcony or patio.

Weighing in at only approx 17kg yet supporting up to 200kg this also makes it a very convenient hammock to travel with. Whether on holiday or just down to the local park or beach you will be the envy of most as you kick back and relax. Easy to assemble by one person in around 3mins, you can set up and take down in nearly no time.  Dissembled it will fit in the backseat of the boot of your car. At just $239.95 including delivery anywhere in New Zealand, this is an excellent value hammock frame and makes an excellent gift option.

Portable Metal Hammock Stand

Black coloured and made from thick tubular steel and powdered coated you can expect years of carefree use and enjoyment from this stand. A great feature of this stand is the adjustable nature of it. Many stands allow you to only use a set sized hammock, whereas this stand has the ability to adjust to fit longer length hammocks. This is simply done by extending your hammock over the fork ends and attaching it to the reverse hook on the back of the frame. This method provides for a much sturdier hammock, unlike stands that extend outwards which creates a loss of strength and rigidity.

Suitable for: Mexican Double, Queen, King and Thick Cord hammocks. This is not suitable for spreader bar type hammocks due to the angled beams - curved stands are much better for that type of hammock. This stand will also fit most other brands and types of hammocks including, camping and Brazilian hammocks.

2. Metal Arc Hammock Stand - $349.95. Made from the same durable thick and wide black powder coated tubular steel this hammock stand offers a slightly large footprint and great looking design shape. Similar to or other metal stands, it has fork ends and a reverse hook on the back of the frame to make it suitable for a range of different sizes and styles of hammocks.

One really great feature of this hammock is that it is suitable for our whole range of hammocks. From our smallest double hammock right through to our largest king-size resort hammock. So if you’ve got a few different types of hammocks you can hang them all with ease on this frame.

Arc Metal Hammock Stand

One of our most popular products, great looks, solid design, spacious for two and including all necessary hardware to set up and hang a hammock. It can be assembled by one, but easier with two and takes only around 10mins to have set up and ready to go.

Weighing in at approx 25kg it stays well grounded and there is no fear of this blowing around in the wind. It is a very solid stand that will support 200kg fitting two people easily.

This is our favourite stand due to the versatility of fitting a wide range of hammocks, its attractive look and the very sturdy feel.

Suitable for: Our full range of hammocks.

3. Wooden Arc Hammock Stand (Discontinued product - this has been replaced by our grey curved metal hammock stand which is slightly larger with higher hanging points which makes it more suitable for our range of Mexican hammocks. Made from metal it also requires less maintenance). 

A classic favourite, this stand can really ‘make’ an outdoor area. Adding the look of luxury and relaxation to any setting. A really beautiful and solid looking stand. Made of thick layered Russian pine wood and oiled to a lovely natural wood colouring.

At Mexican Hammocks, we have them for a great value price of only $499.95 including free delivery New Zealand wide. Quality made and very solid and strong weighing approx 40kg. Suitable for up to 200kg of weight.

At 4m in length, this stand will fit a range of hammocks. In our range, this stand is most suitable for our Mexican Resort Hammock. It not only looks great but provides a great fit and feel. This stand may also be used with our double, queen, king and thick cord hammocks, though some adjustment to the hammocks may be needed to fit within the space. Please see our blog on shortening your hammock for full details. This frame is NOT suitable for our King Size Resort Hammock. Unfortunately, that hammock is just too large for the frame and will bottom out on the ground.

This stand is shipped in two large boxes with 6 main pieces in total. Assembly instructions and all assembly fittings and hanging accessories are included. It also includes a chain for shorter hammocks and carbines for attaching your hammock. It can be assembled by one, but it quite heavy so best to assemble with a bit of assistance. First time assembly takes around 15-20min.

We recommend to enhance the lifespan of this hammock to regularly re-oil or varnish the stand every 6-12 months to keep the wood sealed. You can even sand it right back and use a different stain colour if you prefer a different look. Also, store it inside over winter to reduce any unnecessary weathering from the winter elements.

Whether for home or accommodation use this stand will provide the look and feel to really enhance your outdoor living.

New faux wood metal hammock stand 2018.

Curved metal hammock stand

Suitable for: Mexican Resort Hammock (best suited), double, queen, king and thick cord hammocks - shortening adjustments may be required on these hammocks, see - shortening-your-hammock.

4. Chair Hammock Stand (Discontinued product - this has been replaced by our curved chair hammock stand, which provides both a much attractive and modern look but also a stronger and more stable design.)

This is the first year we have stocked a chair hammock stand and are very pleased with this great product. No trees, no beams, no overhang for your chair hammock then this is what you need.

Quick and easy to assemble and adjustable for different size chair hammocks and users. Made from strong sturdy white powder coated steel and comes with hanging spring. All you need is your hanging chair.

At 19kg in total weight, this provides a solid footing for your hammock relaxation. With the smallest footprint (1.4m) of all our stands, this is a great alternative to full-length hammock setups if you don’t have space. Ideal for apartment balcony’s, living rooms, smaller terraces and such. Perfect for view and sunset watching. With a quality chair hammock such as our Mexican hammocks, you can still stretch out at full length from head to foot enjoying a very relaxing experience.

This stand will support up to 150kg. $199.95 and shipped free like all our products.

New curved chair hammock stand 2018.

C Shaped Curved Metal Chair Hammock Stand

Suitable for: Chair hammocks

So if you've got that hammock sitting in the back of the cupboard that you brought back from Mexico years ago, or that Christmas hammock you’ve never used, now not having the perfectly spaced trees is no longer a problem. With our range of hammock, stands we have something to suit any setting. We all need a bit of regular relaxation and remember hammocks don’t make your lazy, they just make you happy!

To view a much larger range of photos and for full product details and dimensions simply click on the associated hammock stand image you are interested in and you will be taken to that page on our website. There you can also purchase from our full range of hammock stands and Mexican hammocks via credit card or bank deposit.

Make the most of the remainder of summer and get in some outdoor relaxation with a great hammock stand.

From the team @Mexican Hammocks NZ.

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