Normal Cord vs Thick Cord Hammock

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As part of our range of Mexican hammocks we have a variety of different sizes and styles. One variation of hammock we have is called the 'thick cord hammock'. You may be wondering what this is or what is the difference.

Our standard and the traditional Mexican hammocks - the double, queen and king size hammocks are all woven in a fine cord, which is very comfortable and conforming. Whereas, as the name implies the thick cord hammock is woven from a thicker grade of cotton material. This is approximately four times thicker than our standard cord. This is also a very soft and comfortable hammock and is also hand-woven in the same manner as all our Mexican made hammocks. All our chair hammocks and spreader bar style hammocks are also woven in the thicker cord.

Thick Cord Mexican Hammock vs Standard Cord Mexican Hammock

Some benefits and differences of the thick cord over the thinner cord include;

- Increased durability. Due to the thicker cord, it is more resistant to the elements and general wear and tear. Overall it holds more weight, supporting up to 300kg also. This is a great hammock if you have active children that will be in and out of the hammock.

- Warmer. Can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on your climate. With the thicker cord, more of your body is on the material, so the amount of airflow that circulates around your body is slightly reduced. This is good for those cooler evenings though.

- Size. The thick cord comes in one standard size which we also refer to as a #24. It weighs 3kg and is quite a large hammock even when folded up. About the same size as a small backpack. So this is not always the most convenient for travelling with. When spread out in use the thick cord will be approximately the same width as our queen size hammock at 2.2m. So it is great for couples and families. Lengthwise it is approx 4.10cm the same as all other sizes of traditional hammock.

Mexican thick cord hammock

- Cord. Currently, we only offer this hammock in cotton material. The thicker cord does offer great durability in use and when exposed to the elements, but as with all our hammockswe do recommend protecting your hammock when not in use. Either with the use of a hammock protect cover, or simply putting the hammock away inside when not in use. The thicker cotton cord will also soak up more water if left in the rain and take longer to dry, so we'd avoid leaving it in the rain where possible. When storing always just ensure the hammock is not put away wet, and is stored in a dry location.

Update 2020 - Our thick cord hammocks now also come in weather-resistant polyester cord. Available in black or white soft polyester that allows you to hang and leave your hammock outdoors all summer.

To choose a thick cord hammock when purchasing you will find this option on each traditional hammock product page. You will see hammock size options of double, queen, king or thick cord, simply click on the 'thick cord' box or another relevant size as preferred and 'add to cart'. 

Hammock Size Options

So if you are considering the options of thick or thin, then hopefully this will give you a better idea of the difference and what may suit you better.

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the Mexican Hammock team.

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