Mayan Hammock, Mexican Hammock, Yucatan Hammock. What's The Difference

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What is the difference between a Mexican hammock and a Mayan hammock and what is a Yucatan hammock? You may have seen these different terms and be wondering what is the difference.

Simply put - there is no difference. They are terms that are interchangeable. A Mexican hammock and a Mayan hammock are the same thing - they are both hand-woven hammocks made in Mexico. There term Mayan comes from the fact that the hammocks were originally made by Mayan Mexicans, who are one of the major indigenous groups from Southern Mexico. It is their skilful weaving of hammocks for over a 1000 years that has passed down through the generations and is still in use today.

Similarly, a Yucatan hammock is the same as a Mexican and Mayan hammock, Yucatan just refers to the area of Mexico in which they are made, being the Yucatan Peninsula.

Mayan woven hammock

An explanation for the change from the term Mayan hammock to Mexican hammock could be explained by the European colonization of Mexico. As this new culture grew, at the expense of the Mayans culture, the original Mayan invention came to be considered a Mexican culture piece and therefore became known as a Mexican hammock.

The main base for hammock weaving in Mexico is the State of Yucatan. This is where hammocks originated from and all the best quality Mexican hammocks are made. This is where Mexican Hammocks New Zealand sources all its quality authentic woven Mexican hammocks.

No matter the name you call it, these hammocks are well regarded as the finest and most comfortable in the world. To get your very own Mexican or Mayan shop through our store with quality handwoven hammocks from only $99.95.

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