Metal Hammock Stand Assembly Guide

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The metal hammock stand is a quick and easy to assembly stand. Perfectly portable for taking on trips or to just move around the garden, yet solid and comfortable with your favourite hammock.

With only 5 main pieces and tool-less assembly you can have this stand set up and ready to use in under five minutes. 


To Assemble your Metal Hammock Stand:

Metal hammock stand assembly instruction image

Metal hammock stand assembly

  1. Remove all pieces from package and place on the ground.
  2. The shortest beams (A) are the legs and can be spaced approx 1.5m apart.
  3. The middle section (B) will slide onto the legs (A) and be screwed in place with the supplied bolts.
  4. The end sections (C) are then placed on the upwards pointing middle sections (B) and screwed in place with bolts.
  5. Place the hammock hooks through the appropriate level hole for your hammock and tighten. You may need to move the hooks a few times to get the perfect level for your hammock type and user weight.
  6. For hammock longer than the frame length, place these on the reverse side with hooks facing down; the hammock arms then go through the fork ends and onto the hooks (as per the image below). 

 Assembled Metal Hammock Stand

Our Australian counterparts have also made the following video showing this assembly process and how to attach your hammock to the frame. 

metal hammock stand

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