Metal Arc Hammock Stand Assembly Instructions

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The metal arc hammock stand is a very solid, safe and secure hammock stand. Quick and easy to put together, usually within about 20mins or quicker with the help of another set of hands. With bolt-together construction, it holds up to 200kg and fits nearly any size and style of hammock thanks to the adjustable hook system.

Metal Arc Hammock Stand Assembly Guide

Metal Arc Hammock StandStep 1: Remove all pieces from the package and space out on the ground.

Note: When fitting bolts the order of washers starting against the frame are; flat plastic, split washer (not necessarily needed, can be left off if no short on thread space or can work as a spacer if nuts don't fully tighten), flat metal.

Step 2: The shortest beams (A) are the legs and can be spaced approximately 1.2m apart. 

Step 3: Take the middle sections (B) and line up the holes with those on the legs (A). Use the shorter bolts to attach. Legs (A) will be curved down and middle sections (B) will be curved upwards. Loosely tighten.

Step 4: The end sections (C) are then placed between the middle sections (B) and bolted through. 

Step 5: Place the hooks through the appropriate level hole for your hammock and tighten. For hammocks longer than the frame length, place these on the reverse side (see example images below) with hooks facing down. The hammock arms then go through the fork ends and onto the hooks. For hammocks shorter than the frame the hooks can be attached on the front side face upwards and additional rope or can be used if necessary to cover any necessary distance.

Step 6: Firmly tighten up all bolts.

Step 7: Hang your hammock and relax!

Note: By initially loosely assembling your stand it makes it easier to line up the bolt holes. Once fully assembled and before use, all bolts should be firmly tightened.

Taking your stand down over winter and storing is an easy way to enhance the longevity of your stand and allows you to check for any wear to rust. If you find rust, perhaps from accidental scratches or rubbing, using a rust protection spray paint is a quick and easy way to touch up and prevent further rusting.


Hammock Stand DimensionsMetal Arc Hammock Stand Dimensions

Examples of hanging longer length hammocks;

Long Hammocks On Stand

Examples of hanging shorter length hammocks;

Shorter Length Hammocks

Hammock and stand with chain

assembly instructions metal arc hammock stand

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