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Update 3pm, 19/8/2021

Due to the move to Covid Alert Level 4 and restrictions on delivering 'essential goods' only, unfortunately we are only able to deliver clothing and blankets during this time. Non-essential goods including our hammock range* will be packaged and ready to dispatch as soon as we move back to Alert Level 3.

You can still place orders through our online store (which as a small local business we'd really appreciate ūüôŹ) and these will be processed and packaged ready for dispatch as soon Level 4 is lifted and we are allowed to do so.

*Hammocks are not generally considered an 'essential good' however, hammocks are commonly used for aiding sleep, and in therapy - sensory, movement and mental, along with pain relief. If you are purchasing for any of these reasons, please let us know and we will organise immediate dispatch for you.

Update 10pm, 27/2/2021

As we head back into Covid Alert Levels 2/3 we will continue to operate safely and dispatch all orders NZ wide as normal. 

Please be aware delivery times may be impacted particularly in Auckland as depot package processing may slow due to health and safety distancing requirements with level 3. 

Update 9 am, 12/8/2020

As we head back into Covid Alert Levels 2/3 we will continue to operate safely and dispatch all orders NZ wide as normal. 

Please be aware delivery times may be impacted particularly in Auckland as depot package processing may slow due to health and safety distancing requirements.

Update 10am 22/4/2020

With the Government Covid Alert Level dropping from 4 to 3 on Monday evening (27/4), we will be able to start delivering our full product range again via courier. All orders received over the shutdown period will be dispatched from this date.

Please allow for an extra few days for delivery due to the high freight volumes couriers are experiencing and preferential treatment still being given to essential medical supplies and such.

Thanks for your support over this time. We hope you are all doing well.

Update 1230 pm, 31/3/2020

From Covid-19 Government Website;

"Businesses are able to sell essential non-food consumer products, provided they do so in a way that protects the public and minimises the risk of COVID-19 spreading.

We expect that essential goods cover those products that keep people warm, replace key household appliances, and maintain people’s health. They may include for example blankets, heaters, kitchenware and appliances, whiteware, computer equipment, and mobile phones"

As such while it is still pretty warm up here in Tauranga I know from chatting with family that it is starting to get cold further south. If you need additional warmth over this time as we head deeper in Autumn and Winter we have a great range of warm Mexican blankets that we can now courier out and should be with you within 1-3 working days. We also believe warm clothing is essential and have made our Baja hoodies available to purchase after consideration and following the lead of stores like The Warehouse who are also selling clothing.

Please note: We have contacted the MBIE and informed them of our intention to offer our blankets and hoodies for sale and are following all required guidelines and directions along with providing all necessary requested information. Any other product orders will be shipped as soon as possible once level 4 shutdown comes to an end or conditions ease further allowing us to do so.  

Update 9am, 26/3/2020

Due to the move to Government Alert Level 4 and further clarification by courier services, unfortunately, we are not able to ship any orders over this time period.

You can still place orders through our store (which we'd really appreciate) and these will be processed and packaged ready for dispatch as soon Level 4 is lifted and we are allowed to do so.

Stay safe, stay healthy.

Update 9 pm, 25/3/2020

At this stage, we are reading and hearing a lot of conflicting information from Government, courier companies and media regarding delivery around the country.

Our understanding is that courier companies are still operating as an essential service, but the confusion lies in whether only essential businesses are allowed to use their services to ship goods. If so this effectively halts all non-essential online shopping deliveries including from home-based businesses like us (as essential as we think hammocks are, the Government probably won't agree!). 

As such we will not be dispatching any new orders at this time going forward. We will be taking the remainder of the week and weekend to try and get to the bottom of things, obtain more information and further evaluate the situation to ensure we are compiling with all Government directives before sending out any new orders.

If you place an order over this time we will update you and keep you informed on the situation. If we are unable to deliver over the 4-week isolation period you will be provided with the option of a refund or to have the goods sent at the conclusion of lockdown.

First and most importantly, we hope everyone is safe and well in these uncertain times.

As we head into level 4 lockdown here in New Zealand we want to let you know we are still working and dispatching orders. Transport companies are an 'essential service' and will continue providing delivery services throughout New Zealand. As we are a small home-based business in rural Tauranga with onsite storage we are well isolated and able to continue working and dispatching orders.

We will be switching our courier provider over this time though and using our NZ Post rural delivery driver to collect all packages* for delivery through the Courier Post network (rather than dropping directly at our usual Post Haste depo). This will also mean most orders will be dispatched the following day as our rural driver collects once a day between 8 - 10 am. 

We expect essential products to take precedence (and are happy for this to occur) over our deliveries, but don't foresee too much of a delivery delay (which is generally within 1-3 days). As we move further into lockdown we'll have a better idea, as there is still plenty of confusion around how everything will work. 

Pickups and product viewing will not be available through the lockdown period.

Please feel free to get in touch with any queries. As this is an evolving situation and more information comes to light we'll further update this page as necessary.

We appreciate your support throughout these difficult times. Whilst stuck at home, it doesn't have to be uncomfortable and spent watching Netflix all day! Reading, relaxing, daydreaming in the garden in a comfortable hammock are perfectly acceptable ways to pass the time. Also stocking up on your winter wardrobe with our Baja hoodies, and brightening and re-decorating the home with our Mexican blankets are perfectly acceptable. We now also have gift cards available for those times when you are not sure the best hammock option or blanket colour to gift.

Resort Hammock and Blanket



*At this stage whilst using Courier Post any packages exceeding 1.5m in length exceed the dimensions of freight they will accept. This will affect our metal arc hammock stand, wooden hammock stand and curved chair hammock stand. All other hammocks, blankets, hoodies etc can still be dispatched as normal.

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