How to Repair your Hammock

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While a Mexican hammock is a very strong and supportive hammock, providing you with years of quality relaxation. There may be times when minor repairs are necessary.

The hammocks shape and comfort is obtained through its 100's of tightly interwoven hammock cords. However, you may have accidentally caught or pulled one of these cords out from the body weave while using or climbing out of your hammock. This may result in a tightening of one length of cord and show with a cord loop hanging out. Don't fear, this is straightforward and easy to repair yourself with a little patience. Below is a link to a YouTube video from our weavers that will demonstrate how to fix this minor problem so you can quickly be back in your hammock.

When handling your hammock to prevent something like this from happening remember to handle the hammock gently - always hold by the ends (loops) of the hammocks. When hung ensure you have clearance from tree branches or anything else that might accidentally hook the hammock while it is in use or if blowing in the wind. As per the instructions provided with each hammock, ensure the clothes you wear while in the hammock are suitable and free from anything that may catch or pull the hammock weave. This is things like buttons, buckles, and velcro.

If you have snapped a cord, this can also be repaired. The best thing to do is straight away tie to two snapped ends together, or if they won't reach to the cord beside it. This will prevent any unravelling of the hammock, and due to the multitude of cords, it will still be perfectly safe and comfortable to use.

This is not something you should worry about too much, it is rare to happen. Minor pulls will often through use settle back into the weave. So grab your book a cold drink, jump in your hammock and enjoy it for years to come!

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