Authentic Mexican Blanket for your Car, Hot Rod or Classic Vehicle

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Mexican sarape blankets have always been a very popular choice for use in classic restored cars, vans, hotrods and pickup trucks. They make excellent seat covers and are often used as an upholstery fabric for a great American style look.

They are very comfortable and soft. Made from synthetic material, they help prevent sweaty hot seats from vinyl and leather material. Similarly, they are great for avoiding that cold feel to those products over the winter time.

 Mexican blankets used as car upholestry

With a great range of unique colours to choose from to enhance any vehicle and give a fantastic appealing look. Some motoring enthusiasts have had their blankets fitted by professionals upholsterers and look amazing. We are also available and happy to supply upholstery fitters with various lengths/sizes depending on their requirements. A great product to offer potential customers.

Mexican blanket in hotrod

These blankets also offer a wealth of other uses from picnics, days at the beach, through to bedspreads, sofa covers and as table linen, indoors or out. Perfect for brightening up any home or setting.

Mexican beach blanket

Should you require any more information or if you have any questions please contact us via the contact us section on our website.

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