Folding a Mexican Hammock

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Managing to get that new purchase folded up or back in the box it came in can often be a struggle! Folding a Mexico hammock into the compact size it arrives in can also be a bit of a challenge at first. We do have a couple of videos below to help you out. With these methods, your hammock will be folded up nice and compact, perfect for storage and travel while keeping it well protected.

Folding your hammock up is a good option for at the end of the if you wish to put it into storage or you want to pack to take it somewhere or travel with. 

Once you have managed to fold it all up it should look a little bit like the below image.

Folded Mexican Hammock

If you are still having trouble or don't have the space to fold it like in the videos, another method you can try is to basically turn your hammock into a big knot. What you do is hold the hammock by the arm loops together. Then twist the hammock around a couple of time to keep it together. From here hold the hammock up high with one hand and bring your other arm up under approx the middle of the body of the hammock. Twist the arm holding the hammock body in towards your chest then bring the arms down around and through the hole your hand and arm are creating. Pull the loops through and you have a big single knot in your hammock. Don't make it tight. This will allow you to then store away in a cupboard with less chance of tangling.

With this method or separately another good option is to place your hammock into a pillowcase when storing. This protects it from accidental snags or tangling also.

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