Hammock Stand Care

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Around this time of year as I start replacing board shorts and t-shirts with jeans and thermals and I also look to bring inside my hammock stands. I have a wooden arc hammock stand and metal arc hammock stand setup in my backyard. Both for personal use and for display purposes for those that wish to come view and test in person.

They have both been up for at least 3-4 summers each now and are still going strong. I do however take some care with them. Nothing too serious but, I do take them both apart and store over winter. It’s unlikely I will use them over winter, so there is no need to leave them to face the harsh winter weather. By protecting them over these months you will get much greater life from your stand.

Metal arc hammock stand assembly pieces

When I take each down I give each separate piece a quick clean down with a wet rag. Just to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt. The odd creepy crawly might need a brush off also. I do this on a sunny day as I can then leave the pieces in the sun for a good few hours to ensure everything is thoroughly dry before storing.

During the cleaning, you can also note any areas that might require any attention. With the wooden hammock stand as the wood ages, small cracks or 'checking' can appear. This is totally natural, but it does pay to still recoat the stand with an oil or varnish regularly to seal up these gaps. Once or twice a year is usually enough, initially beginning with a light sand down also.

When you do this if you want to change the colour of the wood you can do so by applying a colour stain you prefer or to colour match with your other outdoor furniture, or simply use a clear coat, which also gives you the option of glossy or satin finishes. The first minute of this video here shows and describes this also;I

I like to use a decent marine grade varnish. Generally, you can find this or similar product at your local hardware or DIY store.

With the metal hammock stand, I similarly give this a clean down with a wet rag and check for any places where the paint coating may have scratched away or worn away. These areas may display some surface rust, but unless left unchecked for years this shouldn’t be any worry. Sometimes these areas can just be wiped clean, or with sand paper the surface rust will sand right off. You can then use an enamel based spray paint such as the following that I use – to either touch up these areas, or if the paint has faded over the years you may want to spray the whole stand to make it look brand new.

If fully respraying, usually two coats is enough and it is a job that can be completed in one day with a quick dry spray paint. Different colours and finishes can also be used to suit your décor.

Spray Paint for metal hammock stands

In regards to your Mexican hammock even if you do have a hammock protection cover it is a good idea to bring the hammock inside for storage if you don’t expect to use it over the colder wetter autumn and winter months. Just ensure the hammock is fully dry before storing and store it in a dry location. A cold damp garage will do no good for the hammock material. Cotton hammocks are just like clothing, store them as you wound your favourite cotton t-shirts for the next summer!

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