What is the Correct Way to Lay in a Hammock?

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It is a common misconception that the correct way to lay in a Mexican hammock is with your head and feet in line with the ends where the hammock is tied off (long ways). The photo below displays how Mexican and South American style hammocks are designed to be laid in.

As can be seen, a way to try out is to lay your body at a 45-degree angle from the tied ends. Doing this will provide you with maximum stability by spreading your weight throughout the hammock. This is important not only for balance but also provides maximum comfort. This is a great position for sleeping in also as it allows you to stretch out totally flat without a curve in your back.  

Correct way to lie in South American and Mexican style hammocksAt the end of the day, there is no set way you 'have' to lay in your hammock, try out a few different positions and see what feels best for you. However, you may find with a bit of experimenting that lying long ways can actually be a good position if you working or reading, giving your head elevation.

Most Westerners picture themselves in a hammock reading a magazine, paper, with a drink or a combination of these - I like working and using my laptop from mine. However local Mexican’s use their hammocks for so much more. On a regular basis, hammocks replace a bed and are used to sleep in, or as seating in living areas.

This could be the answer for you during those warmer summer months. With the open weave design of Mexican hammocks, this allows for greater airflow meaning no more sweaty nights!  Or get rid of the bed altogether and save some room space. It may take you a few nights to get used to sleeping in a hammock, but once you are used to it, most people don't go back and find there a range of benefits not otherwise obtained from a traditional bed.

If you would like some advice on how to get the best comfort from your hammock or what is the best size and material to use for sleeping the night through feel free to ask a question through the comments or email us directly through our store contact page.

Why is my hammock uncomfortable? If you are unfortunately suffering from an uncomfortable hammock there are a few things you can check for. The first is the hang of your hammock. Ensure you have a nice curved shape to your hammock whereby the hammock at its lowest point comes down to hang between your hips and knees. The hammock should then continue to arc up to your hammock points which for a Mexican hammock should be around 1.5 - 1.8m high resulting in a nice banana type curve. This natural shape will provide the best comfort and is safer than taunt straight hammocks which are generally when you see people flipping their hammocks. Your hammock should have space and some 'give' to stretch and support your weight and will then hold you comfortably and safely in place.

Another factor to consider is how you are lying in your hammock. As the top portion of this article describes the correct way is lying across your hammock to allow the hammock material to spread and fully support you. If you are lying longways down your hammock you may be experiencing less than optimum comfort. 

Why is my hammock tight in the middle? If you are experiencing a tight feeling through the middle of your hammock this is also generally due to the way a hammock is being laid in. Most hammocks are designed to spread out widthways so if lying longwise this can cause the hammock material to bunch together rather than spreading and stretching creating this tight feeling in the middle.

Before hopping into the hammock you want to gather a bunch of material from the center in each hand and spread it out as you get in. Then the excess material can be pushed out up behind your head and out with your feet. This will distribute your weight and the material to give the best comfort and relieve this tight feel.

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