How to Safely Get into and out of a Hammock

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We finally had a couple of sunny days here in Wellington and I used the good weather to put together the following video. If you've ever had trouble getting in or out of a hammock this video shows you how to safely and easily get in and out of your Mexican hammock. Whether you have a Mexican hammock or not, the technique would still be the same. 

For those with spreader bar style hammocks view the first video, for those with traditional style hammock view the second video. Simply sit down into the centre of the hammock, allowing it to take your full weight and then picking up your feet and turning your body at the same tie to lie back in your hammock. Spreader bar hammocks such as our Mexican cotton resort style hammocks are very soft and supportive and by lying in the centre will keep you nice, safe and secure without fear of flipping. 

Often people can be a little afraid or embarrassed to hope into a hammock, perhaps they have seen too many videos of people falling out of hammocks, or they are afraid they won't be able to get back out once in. This shouldn't be something to worry about, and with the right technique and a bit of practice, whether you are young or old you'll find entering and exiting your hammock for some downtime an easy process. 

The hammock shown in the video is of the Mexican king size and in Nylon cord.  The only other thing I forgot to mention in the video is prior to getting into your hammock is to just check your clothing is free from any attachments (buttons, velcro, buckles etc) that may catch and pull or disturb the weave of the hammock. Otherwise, you may just need to turn the sound up, watch the video and then go back to relaxing in your hammock!

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