Wooden Arc Hammock Stand

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Heading our way for the upcoming summer of 2019/2020 is our new wooden arc hammock stand. Made from sustainably harvested and laminated Scandinavian spruce this stand is a real statement piece for your outdoor living space whilst also being incredibly functional.

Update November 2019: These beautiful hammock stands are now available in stock; Wooden Arc Hammock Stand and also available as a combined package with a range of hammocks; Hammock and Stand Package

Curved Wooden Hammock Stand

At just over 4m in length, this is a stand that will comfortably fit our entire range of Mexican hammocks including traditional and spreader bar styles which are approx 4.10m and 3.80m in length respectively. So, should you have an existing hammock of the same or shorter length then you should have no problem fitting your hammock to this stand.

We are having these stands made in Poland by a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality timber products including hammock stands, outdoor furniture and curved laminated building beams to ensure a quality end product made to our requirements and New Zealand conditions. This company specialises in making bent and bonded wooden constructions and our stands are made in this way via their specialised high-pressure lamination process. 

Local Scandinavian spruce is the wood of choice as due to the extreme regional climate and slow growth rate of this timber, it leads to a stronger denser wood making it ideal for hammock stands and construction. 

A great feature of the arc shape is that it leads to a better hammock hanging curve and works well with both traditional and spreader bar style hammocks. The height of the arc and hanging points is relatively high compared to other stands on the market which allows it to fit longer hammocks and leaves room for greater adjustment to get the perfect hang. Hammock stands that are very short with low hanging heights often result in a flat curve which doesn’t allow the hammock to be most comfortably enjoyed. The banana shape is what you are looking for! 

Wooden Arc Hammock Stand and Mexican Hammock

Some of the enhancements we have made to meet our unique New Zealand conditions include a wood preservative coating with a higher than the standard grade of UV protection. Stainless steel assembly and attachment fittings for greatest rust resistance and longevity. Minor additions also include longer chain attachment lengths to fit a wider range of hammock sizes and easy to attach open hooks for quick and easy hanging and taking down of your hammock. 

Wooden hammock stands provide a lovely natural look and are often a feature in their own right and this stand is no exception. It is very large and impressive. But when purchasing wooden outdoor furniture and wooden hammock stands it is important to understand how wood naturally behaves in the elements when making your choice. It is common for wood to ‘check’ or display minor cracks and splits as the wood expands and contracts due to changes in temperature and moisture. This is a natural process and to be expected. This does not affect the functionality or structural integrity of the stand.

To help preserve wooden hammock stands it is recommended to apply a coating of outdoor furniture oil or varnish every 6 months to a year. Firstly give the stand a light sanding with fine sandpaper to clean and help the new coating adhere better. Then apply 1-2 coats of the new oil. Check with your local hardware store for recommendations - or look for products such as Cabots, Bondall or Sikkens with UV protection. Some products are suited for marine environments which can be a good idea for added protection if you live coastally or want some added protection. 

Wooden Hammock Stand Stainless Steel Fittings Wooden Hammock Stand Shaped Feet For Better Stability


For setting up your stand all you need is a flat area of land, be it a deck, patio, lawn to fit the footprint (approx 160cm x 200cm) and open space for the total length of around 440cm (exact dimensions can be found on the product page). If you are planning on setting up your stand on grass we recommend placing the feet onto concrete pavers to protect them from being in constant contact with the damp/wet ground which could eventually lead to rot. 

Over winter we recommend housing your stand inside to prevent unnecessary weathering over the colder wetter months when it is less likely to be used. The stand comes flat packed with all necessary fitting and assembly tools, so the stand can easily be dismantled and stored away over winter.

If you’d like more information or to order directly please email us through our contact form or via info@hammocksonline.co.nz.


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