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I've noticed lately as we get closer to summer the number of  'cheap hammocks' turning up for sale on various online discount daily deals sites, and other places.

Great timing for it, yet like anything you get what you pay for. Even with the advertised incentive deep discount pricing, you are often not coming away with anything of much value. These generally are the mass-produced, poor quality and unwanted products that importers are trying to clear from stock. Often they are also at no discount or they have used a highly inflated RRP price to make it look like you are getting a great deal. A quick search elsewhere on the web and you will often find the same products available elsewhere at similar prices and without the time pressure associated with daily deals.

These are often fine for purpose in principle. If you want a cheap product, buy a cheap product. But if you want something of quality, that will last and provide superior quality and craftsmanship then you do have to pay a bit more for this, but it does pay off in the long run. Think of buying a quality hammock such as our Mexican hand-made hammocks as an investment in yourself and in your relaxation. They are so comfortable and well made that you will be wanting to use it all the time. Unlike the $20-$30 mass produced ones, that will feel harsh, be poorly made, have very large open weaves and generally just not support your body well.

Each one of our Mexican hammocks is individually hand-woven with thousands of metres of material - soft cotton cord, or silky smooth nylon. This and the special diamond weave pattern is what makes these hammocks know as the 'worlds most comfortable hammocks.'

A good way to tell the quality and comfort a hammock will provide is from the number of suspension cords holding up a hammock. The number of these on Mexican hammocks are hard to count there are so many, but with the cheaper cloth type hammocks, you may be lucky to get 20 such suspension cords. This means your weight is not as well distributed and can lead to pressure points and discomfort. A quality hammock will allow you to spend hours on end in and sleep the night through without any associated discomfort.

Suspension arms and weave on Mexican hammock

We are sure you will not be disappointed with the comfort and support our hammocks provide. Not to mention the beautiful design and colours created by our expert weavers. Below are some of our range of Mexican hammocks.

Queen size Mexican rainbow hammock

Mexican king size spreader bar hammock

Along with our quality Mexican hammocks, we have also sourced other quality Mexican products, including Mexican blankets, Ponchos and Baja hoodies plus hammock accessories including hammock stands, tree straps and hanging hooks. These are all available to view and purchase online through our website - with free delivery New Zealand wide.

  Mexican red blanket

So forget about those cheap discounted nasty hammocks that offer the illusion of comfort and swing into something that'll cradle and support you, relieving pressure points and relaxing you like no other hammock around. An authentic Mexican hand-woven hammock from Mexican Hammocks NZ.

While we don't do 'cheap hammocks' we believe strongly in providing excellent value products. From time to time we do have specials and combo package deals such as hammock and stands or hammock and accessories packages which you can provide you with even greater value for money.

From the Team @Mexican Hammocks NZ

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