Hammock Stand - Wooden Arc Hammock Frames Coming Soon

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We often get a lot of requests for hammock stands here at Hammocks Online, yet sourcing good quality affordable stands has always been quite difficult for a small online retailer such as ourselves due to large minimum order quantity requirements often in the container load size causing an issue.

Some hammock stands are priced in the $1000's which is often more than the average person is willing to spend, while others are around the $100 mark. These ones I would be very wary off. Having purchased one as a trial and to display hammocks at an outdoor fair it broke after only two uses. The support leg bent and snapped right off.

We have sourced nice Russian pine wood hammock stands in an attractive arc design wooden frame that should complement any outdoor setting. We hope to be able to price inbetween these other stands while offering a quality product.

Wooden arc hammock stand

These are perfect for any outdoor setting where you may not have a fixed point to hang your hammock from.

Initial numbers will be very limited while we trial this product, so to secure you frame we are happy to take expressions of interest or pre-orders now.

*Update 2018 - We now have a solid regularly collection of five variations of hammock stands. We have focused on stocking quality metal hammock stands for the time being, but may look to bring back in a wooden stand at some stage. In place of the wooden hammock stand, we have a larger better suited curved arc frame in metal but with a woodgrain effect pattern to make it look like a wooden stand. These are proving popular and are well received. The size of these makes them a more practical fit for all our hammock range also, something that has been difficult to achieve with wooden stands.

*Update 2012 - This year we will have a range of four different types of freestanding hammocks. With two strong, solid and stable metal stands, a wooden arc stand such as pictured and a chair hammock frame.

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