Add Value to your Home with a Hammock

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We recently had a lovely email from a repeat customer buying her second hammock after the first helped her secure a sale on her home.

Her beautiful bright tequila sunrise hammock really helped to provide a relaxing environment and so much so that the buyer requested the hammock be left on the property as part of the sales conditions!

 Tequila coloured hammock


Hey there,

I thought you would be amused that I just ordered a hammock identical to one I ordered about 2 years ago.  The reason I had to order the second hammock is that I just sold my house.  My hammock was hanging outside, and the new buyers had one request for the purchase of my house. They asked that I leave the hammock behind.  I had plans for that hammock at my new house, but didn't want to disappoint the buyers so I'm doing as they asked and leaving them my old hammock (and buying a replacement one).
Thanks for helping create a homey atmosphere at my house, and adding to the value of the property ;-)

Not only did the Mexican hammock help contribute to the lovely relaxing atmosphere but it also added value to the property!

If you have been to a lot of open homes you are surely aware the difference a good impression can make. A messy, cluttered house is a quick turn off for most buyers. They want to imagine themselves living and enjoying their new home. So if you are in the process of selling your home as well as presenting your home beautifully on the inside be sure to consider the emotional appeal of your outdoor living space and how you can enhance it to attract a buyer.

A beautiful hammock hanging between a couple of trees or a nice free-standing hammock on your deck is sure to help paint a picture of relaxed enjoyable living. Not only are they are a cost-effective prop, but you then get to enjoy the quality of a hand-woven Mexican hammock whenever you wish in the meantime! Then unless your buyer also wishes to keep the hammock you can continue to enjoy it in your new home.

A new trend emerging recently that could add a relaxing feel inside your house is using hammocks as a home decor feature piece. Such as by hanging across a wall or the corner of the room. Even without being setup for use, they can add some real style and colour to your room or become a standout feature. You can read more about this and view some great image ideas through this article; 'Trend We Love; Hammocks as Home Decor'

With spring here and summer fast on the way if you want any help in choosing a hammock, whether for personal relaxation, a gift or to help encourage a sale on your property be sure to drop us an email, we'd be happy to help.

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