• Add Value to your Home with a Hammock

    We recently had a lovely email from a repeat customer buying her second hammock after the first helped her secure a sale on her home.

    Her beautiful bright tequila sunrise hammock really helped to provide a relaxing environment and so much so that the buyer requested the hammock be left on the property as part of the sales conditions!

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    Hey there,

    I thought you would be amused that I just ordered a hammock identical to one I ordered about 2 years ago.  The reason I had to order the second hammock is that I just sold my house.  My hammock was hanging outside, and the new buyers had one request for the purchase of my house. They asked that I leave the hammock behind.  I had plans for that hammock at my new house, but didn’t want to disappoint the buyers so I’m doing as they asked and leaving them my old hammock (and buying a replacement one).
    Thanks for helping create a homey atmosphere at my house, and adding to the value of the property 😉

    Not only did the Mexican hammock help contribute to the lovely relaxing atmosphere but it also added value to the property!

    If you have been to a lot of open homes you are surely aware the difference a good impression can make. A messy, cluttered house is a quick turn off for most buyers. They want to imagine themselves living and enjoying their new home. So if you are in the process of selling your home as well as presenting your home beautifully on the inside be sure to consider the emotional appeal of your outdoor living space and how you can enhance it to attract a buyer.

    A beautiful hammock hanging between a couple of trees or a nice free-standing hammock on your deck is sure to help paint a picture of relaxed enjoyable living. Not only are they are a cost effective prop, but you then get to enjoy the quality of a hand-woven Mexican hammock whenever you wish in the meantime! Then unless your buyer also wishes to keep the hammock you can continue to enjoy it in your new home.

    A new trend emerging recently that could add a relaxing feel inside your house is using hammocks as a home decor feature piece. Such as by hanging across a wall or the corner of the room. Even without being setup for use, they can add some real style and colour to your room or become a standout feature. You can read more about this and view some great image ideas through this article; ‘Trend We Love; Hammocks as Home Decor

    With spring here and summer fast on the way if you want any help in choosing a hammock, whether for personal relaxation, a gift or to help encourage a sale on your property be sure to drop us an email, we’d be happy to help.



  • New Hammock Website

    We’ve been working hard here at Mexican hammocks the last few weeks upgrading our website. We are very pleased to have launched the site live over Easter with a flasher, more modern and easy to use site.

    This is our fourth major site change since my first cobbled together efforts back in 2008.


    As well as looking cool some added features and changes that the new site has over our old one include;

    – Responsive design; so whether you are looking at the hammock website on your computer, tablet or smartphone the website will automatically resize itself to best suit your screen. This should make viewing and purchasing much easier.

    Larger screen/images; we’ve increased all our product images and the whole width of the website so you are not stuck to just reading and viewing things in the middle of the screen. We make use of the full page width.

    – Product selection; we’ve always tried to provide a large range of hammock colours to choose from and in two different material options. However this would often mean we would have 32 different hammock colours to choose from. As many were ‘one off’ colours we’d wouldn’t have the chance to photograph each of these images spread open. While we would photograph the hammocks bundled, this was both time consuming and we would get a lot of comments to the effect that the colours within the hammock weren’t adequately displayed. As such we have now narrowed our range down to our 12 most popular colours and have these available in both cotton or nylon cord. We still offer the option of the unique one off colour designs, but will no longer be photographing each individually to upload to the website. These unique hammocks all have between 4-6 various colours usually interwoven between each other or sometimes in strips. Should you wish to order one of these you can select the ‘random multi-colour’ option when purchasing. If you wish for certain colours or to avoid certain colours in these mix you are welcome to email us after purchasing and letting us know your preferences.

    – Auto scroll; simple little feature, but as you start scrolling down the page you will see a little ^ in the bottom right hand corner. Click on this and it will auto-scroll you back to the top of the back.

    – There is a large search box, so you quickly wish to find a certain product or accessory.

    – We’ve also added a separate delivery information page; www.hammocksonline.co.nz/delivery-information

    – We’ve made it more clear on each hammock product page the difference in hammock material available. This can be found by scrolling down the end of the page or clicking on the ‘additional info’ + on your tablet or smartphone if not automatically displayed.

    Other than that, everything is still operating as is. You can still expect same day dispatch if ordered before our cut-off time. This is usually 3pm in Spring/Summer and 2pm in Autumn/Winter. Delivery is still free on all products, and majority are couriered overnight or within 2 working days.

    So we hope you enjoy the new site. We are still debugging a few things as they arise, but please just let us know if you find any issues or have trouble viewing or using the site.

    I hope everyone had a great summer and got in plenty of hammock time.

  • Autumn Hammock Savings

    March is a great time of year to get outside and enjoy some hammock time. Rainfall is relatively low still and temperatures while not as hot as previous months is still very comfortable.

    For the month of March we have a few great special deals on our website. These included up to $50 off some of our metal and wooden hammock stands. We have also added a new range of packages for all our various size hammocks that combine hammocks and stands which you can purchase at a combined package discount price. You can find our full range of specials through the following link;


    We also have a few seconds/clearance items for sale that include a few or our ever popular Baja hoodies and a very limited number of display hammock stands that are nicely discounted yet are practically brand new and unused other than being setup a few times for display or photoing.

    These specials run through to the end of March or while stocks last. So enjoy the quality autumn weather while it lasts with a quality Mexican hammock and hammock stand. As winter approaches simply do as you would with other outdoor furniture and put your hammock and stand away for winter. This will great enhance the longevity of your products and keep them in good condition for them to be used and enjoyed again come Spring.

    Hammock stand

    Plenty of great autumn weather to still get outside and enjoy some hammock relaxation in.