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As an online shop, Mexican Hammocks New Zealand is acutely aware of the need to inspire confidence and provide protection for our online shoppers - it can be scary place buying online out there - but it doesn't have to be! When shopping online there are certain safeguards you can take and things you should look out for to ensure what you see is what you get or expect.

Whether purchasing locally online in New Zealand or from an overseas site it is very important to not take everything at face value. To help protect you and enhance your online shopping experience there is a range of features to look for within the site to ensure you are provided with a safe reliable transaction.

Contact - How easy is it to contact the business or person? You should expect to see multiple contact options. Whether you have questions, or if something doesn't go according to plan. You should be able to easily find a local accessible telephone number or cell phone, an email address (preferably not a free online based one, such as Hotmail or Gmail).

As an online business, many are just that and a physical address may not be provided. That is alright and being full online only often means you are getting a better price, as online stores don't have large overheads such as shop leases, and other associated outgoings. It is still good though to see an indication of where they are based.

At Mexican Hammocks New Zealand we attempt to make it as easy as possible for customers to contact us by multiple means. We want you to feel comfortable contacting so we provide multiple email address, a personal cell phone contact number, instant chat and computer to computer calling via Skype. We also allow comments on our blog here, and we even have a Facebook page here!

Shipping/Tracking Info - This information should be clear and prominent. How annoying is it when you can't find this info anywhere, and only then find this amount tacked on the end of your order just before you go to purchase. Shipping information provided should include - time taken to process and dispatch orders, whether all items are in stock, estimated delivery times to various regions. Along with what the actual shipping costs are and who is the delivery company used. Is your order trackable?  At Hammocks New Zealand we provide free shipping on all orders. All our products are kept in stock on hand. This allows us to process your order the same day, and on most occasions dispatch via courier the same day also. At the latest orders are sent the following morning.

Guarantee - Does the online store offer a guarantee on products? Is it fair and easy to understand? How much small print is there? Be aware that some stores will charge you to return items with things like restocking fees on the returned stock, only refunding you a portion of your purchase price - not really fair if the fault in the product isn't your own. At Hammocks NZ we offer this simple fair guarantee.

Testimonials - A great way to find out about a product is from other people. Does the site provide customer references or a testimonial page? They should. So check for a testimonial or customer feedback section on a site. Does it sound legitimate and positive? We know we have a great product and so do our customers. We are always receiving great feedback on both our product and service along with a few customer photos showing their hammocks and blankets in action.

Questions - If you are buying something in a normal retail store you often have a few questions right? So when online the same generally applies. Often many people have similar queries, so to save the need for emailing and waiting for a reply you should expect to see an FAQ (frequently asked questions) section detailing common questions and answers.

If you send an email we believe you should get a reply the same day. If given replies are slow, this may not be a good indication of the level of service you can expect to receive. We provide a very detailed FAQ's Section on our website and are always very quick to respond to your emails on the same day we receive them ~ (within reason, we do have to sleep at some stage!)

Payment - What payment options are available on the site? What protection does it offer you? Is it a trusted and reliable payment provider? Always check for secure browser signs when providing credit card details through a website This is often seen as a small lock icon on your browser pay. Also, we don't recommend sending credit card details via email, this is very un-secure. Our payment provider is Paypal who process all our credit card transactions. Paypal are a very a large established worldwide based company who are a world leader in online payments. They provide excellent customer purchased protection and are very trusted and highly secure. Payment through Paypal is very quick, safe and secure for all involved. We never see or retain your credit card details at any stage.

Followup - Like any purchase it is nice to know your business is appreciated. Upon receiving your order we will email you ASAP to confirm and thank you for your order. We will also provide you with tracking details for your package and when you should expect to receive it. We keep you informed along every step of the way.

Done! There you go, now hopefully you feel more confident and secure ordering products online, and the things you should look for and expect.

We have worked hard to provide a safe, easy and fun shopping environment for our customers, but if you see anything that is lacking or that you think we should add or implement please feel free to let us know. 

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