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Rugby World Cup Alternative Sleeping Option

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With the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand drawing ever closer many people are likely to be hosting friends, relatives and fans for this major sporting event.

While many seem to be taking advantage of the large expected influx of travellers by renting out their homes and bedrooms, others will be happy to enjoy the local action without the need to travel abroad.

Perhaps you will be hosting friends and family from NZ or overseas for a game or two. You may be wondering though how you are going to provide sleeping options for these people. Well, a cheap and convenient option is a Mexican hammock. Save yourself the cost and effort of buying and lugging in a bed or mattresses into lounges or spare rooms. Simply set up a hammock or hammocks for your guests. Then when they are gone you still have the hammock to relax in throughout summer.

Indoor Mexican hammock

Quick and easy to setup, you can hang these both in or outdoors to accommodate those in need of a bed. Beautifully comfortable and supportive your guests are sure to enjoy a comfortable and unique stay.

Outdoor freestanding hammock

If it is a cooler night you might also want to help keep them warm with a Mexican blanket. Even available in All Black colours.

Black and white Mexican hammock

Even outside the home, perhaps you are travelling the country for the World Cup and are camping. What a great way to enjoy our beautiful country and sleep in some unique natural locations.

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