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Protecting and Storing your Hammock Over Winter

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So it's around that time of year again where we start to feel winter setting in and mourn a passing summer. Shorter days, colder nights, often mean less opportunity to enjoy your hammock. But that doesn't have to be the case.

It's also around this time when I bring in my hammock from outside and put it in my bedroom.

Indoor Hammock

Winter obviously isn't the best time to use your hammock.. but then again you still need some relaxation time over the colder months. If you do have a sheltered spot outside this is a great way to relax and get some fresh air, while also obtaining some valuable vitamin D. Rug yourself up nice and warm and just sway away. Maybe you have a sunroom that is lovely in warm with the winter sun pouring in. What a great spot.

If you don't intend to bring in your hammock over winter, you are definitely likely to shorten the life of your hammock. A hammock needs adequate protection from the elements to ensure a long life. Especially over the harsh winters where the elements are a little less gentle. If your hammock gets wet and doesn't properly dry this can lead to fading, rotting, and mould or water damage over long periods of time.  A simple option to protect it though is with an outdoor hammock cover. 

Cover to protect your hammock from the elementsThis simply and easily slides over the hammock to protect the hammock from the weather. The plastic cover will keep it dry, protect from wind and sun damage. If you don't plan or are not expecting much outside use over this time, then bringing it and storing inside is still probably the best option. Ensure it is dry before storing, then keep it somewhere dry - a damp garden shed isn't a great place! If you have a cotton hammock store it in a plastic bag to protect from potential moth damage and then it will be good and ready to bring back out the following spring.  An easy way to do this is to simply place your hammock into a pillow case or fold in as it was received - see this post for how to fold your hammock. Another method is tying the hammock in one or two big knots. Don't make it tight and handle gently by the loops.

Have a good week, this time next week I'll be in Mexico City, right in the heart of the swine flu area - great timing huh?  I will try and post something up from there to give you an idea of what it's really like, and what's going on.

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