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Product Spotlight - Mexican Hammock Chair

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The Mexican hammock chair, swing chair, garden hammock chair, whatever you want to call it is a versatile and very comfortable addition to any outdoor setting.  Smaller, lighter, more portable, and a lot more comfortable than most other pieces of outdoor furniture.

Mexican chair hammock

Hand-woven like all Mexican hammocks, the chair hammock is ideal for spaces where you may not have room to hang up a full hammock, or want to be able to situp more than lie down.  The chair hammock is also ideal for hanging from a single (strong) tree branch or from an outdoor or indoor beam.  A single fixing point is all it needed and you are away swinging!

Hanging chair hammocks from overhead beam

The chairs are perfect for putting your feet up and reading a book, watching tv, or just enjoying your favourite beverage. The large chair hammocks are big enough so that you can fully recline into them with your feet and head fitting into the hammock. Great for an afternoon nap, giving you a very safe and cocoon-like feel.

Available in a range of colours from solid natural white through to brilliant multi-coloured thick soft cotton or nylon cord the Mexican hammock chair is an ideal addition to your outdoor furniture or as a gift for a friend, family or loved one.

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