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New Thick Cord Mexican Hammocks

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At Mexican Hammocks New Zealand we have recently added a new Mexican hammock to our range. Expertly handwoven in the same manner as our regular hammocks, yet using a cord that is approx four times thicker than the regular sized cord.

Our new thick corded hammocks offer another superb comfort and support, along with greater strength and durability. This thicker cord is a great option for those with young families, as children seem to love climbing in and out of hammocks and rolling around in them. The thicker cord on this hammock provides for a more robust hammock, so your children are less likely to damage the hammock or pull cords.

Similarly, these hammocks are a good option for accommodation providers as this more heavy duty hammock is likely to last longer and endure more robust use over time.

Available in cotton cord and a variety of colours just in time for spring and summer.

At 3kg in weight, they are a little less portable, but can still easily be put into a pillowcase or a bag for taking to the bach for summer.  

On sale now through our online store, with free delivery New Zealand wide.

Thick Cord Hammock

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