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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

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It's getting closer to Mothers day and if you are still racking your brains for a great gift idea for your mum then you can't go past an authentic Mexican Blanket or hammock.

As it cools down our Mexican blankets make a great addition to any household and sure to brighten up mum's day. Available in a range of colours to suit any mother, whether being used as a sofa cover, bedspread, table linen or any other use you can think of.

Mexican blanket

While the weather may not be as appealing for hammock use, these don't always have to be hung outside. They can easily still be hung inside, a chair hammock from a beam, or traditional family hammock between two fixed walls. I'm sure we can all understand that mum would like a little time to herself to relax from time to time and a hammock provides the perfect place for a personal retreat.

To all the great Mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day, I hope you are well appreciated and have a great day with your family.

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