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Is Winter Such a Bad Time for Hammocks?

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As we head into the depths of winter in New Zealand, you may think there is little opportunity to enjoy some relaxing hammock time. While true in the sense of relaxing with a cold beer in the warm afternoon sun, winter is still a great time to use your hammock and enjoy its many benefits.

Over the colder months, we spend a lot of time huddled inside, hurrying to and from work and seeing little daylight. A bit of fresh air has always got to be good for you. So why not make some time to put up your hammock on a nice winters day. Even if it is just for 30mins, and you wear some warm clothes or rug up, you are still going to enjoy the benefits or your hammock. Relaxation, de-stressing, and just enjoying some time alone or with a loved one while getting some nice crisp fresh air.

Mexican hammock and sarape blanket

Also, consider finding a space inside for your hammock. Perhaps you have a covered patio or sunroom? Or even set up the hammock in a bedroom or lounge. Hammock chairs are great in lounge rooms for watching tv or reading a book. Hammocks in bedrooms can also usually be easily set up by installing a couple of solid hooks into your wall joists or beams. Then using 'S' hooks, or carbines you can put up and take down the hammock when not in use. Try hanging it across the bed, if you don't have the floor space to cover.

Hanging a hammock in a bedroom

So while we await the return of the warmer weather, don't be afraid to put your hammock to use! Just remember if you do use it outside to bring it inside after use to avoid unnecessary wear from the winter conditions.

Stay safe and warm from the Mexican Hammocks NZ Team.

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