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Hola! Bienvenido! Hello! Welcome!

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Hola! Bienvenido! Hello! Welcome!

Welcome to the Mexican Hammocks Blog!

I’ve been thinking and meaning to do this for awhile now, but was kind of put off as I didn’t really know what to say or write about…

I still don’t really, but I’ve got a few ideas, and we’ll see how they go.  I think I’ll start simply by just letting you know a bit about me and Mexican Hammocks Ltd, who I am, what I do, etc.  Hopefully, it will give you a feel as to who I am and what I’m about so you don’t feel like you are reading from and buying hammocks from a total stranger!

So… Me = Mike.  Mexican Hammocks Ltd = Me (plus assistance when required by my father John, and my friend Anna).  That’s me (and my adopted Labrador Buddy) in the photo below.

Mexican Resort Cotton Hammock


In short, I’m a 28 single male from Wellington. Born in Dunedin with the rest of the family, but moved up to Wellington at a tender age I can no longer remember.  Have some pretty varied interests, surfing probably being my favourite currently, along with playing guitar, skating (just taken this up due to long-term lack of waves in Wellington - hurts much more now than it did as a kid!), gardening (just harvesting my tomatoes now), a bit of DIY, travelling, business and finance, along with the odd beer and bbq every now and then, and of course relaxing in my hammock with a good book and some music whenever the sun is shining.  Not much of a personals ad really is it, but that’s pretty much me!

I do take Mexican Hammocks Ltd very seriously though, and this is my main focus.  I like to give people good quick service and get their hammocks out to them as soon as possible.  I shop a lot online myself and hate it when a company takes a week to pack and send my purchase - when I buy it I want it now!  So my main goal is to get all purchases out to customers as soon as possible and do so by having all purchases sent out the day of purchase or at the latest the following morning.

No corporate HQ, fancy offices, or flash shops, just a home office sorry.  Well not really, this means costs can be kept to a minimum, therefore allowing me to offer hand-woven hammocks at what I truly believe are great value prices.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable selling them if I wouldn’t pay those prices for them myself or believed strongly in the product.  I’m happy to sell them, as I know how good they are, and use mine daily if I can.

The website, itself has information there about, ‘why us’ and ‘why our hammocks’ so I won’t go into that again, you can click on the highlighted words to see that (all links will open up in a new window, so you can still carry on reading this, if you managed to make it this far).  Also, there is a bit of info ‘about us’ so I won’t go too into that now either.

Good, done!  That is the best blog post I have ever done… It is also the worst…  Being the first, so better and worse to come I guess.

I’d love it if people could take the time to tell me a bit about themselves, where are you from, what do you do, where do you hang your hammock, anything you want.  One big problem with an online store is you don’t really know who you are communicating with, and it makes it a bit harder to get to know your customers.  Hopefully, this blog here will help so go ahead and add a comment, talk with other posters, and tell me what you’d like to see here…

Things I’m considering writing about, mostly things I know a little about and I hope will be of interest to you:

Next week - a short history of Mexican Hammocks Ltd, and how it came about

Hammocks (history, how they are made, where they are made, different types etc)

Travel (New Zealand, Mexico, worldwide)

Gardening (I can’t provide pro advice, but I’m sure I can find someone that can)

Guest Posts (from my Suppliers in Mexico, friends in Mexico city, giving you a little insight into a different life and culture)


So on, so on.

Well, congrats if you made it this far.  I will do my best to put out a new post every week, so check back often and please feel free to add comments.


Owner/Operator Mexican Hammocks Ltd

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