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Hanging Hammock Chair

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A fantastic hammock we have on offer at Mexican hammocks is our hammock chair. Not quite as traditional as our Mayan Mexican hammocks, yet woven in the same method and a very popular and extremely comfortable hammock.

A chair hammock can offer some great benefits over the standard hammock. One particular benefit is the fact that they only need one fixed point to hang the hammock from. This may just be a beam on your deck or verandah or a sturdy overhead tree branch.

The chair hammocks come with a spreader bar and a single hanging attachment making hanging and using very easy. The spreader bar is excellent for keeping the chair spreader out width ways, so you are not squeezed into the middle as can happen when a spreader bar is not fitted on chair hammocks. This allows you plenty of room to move your arms, whether with a good book, or a cold beer!Mexican chair hammock

Loved by children and adults alike and in particular book lovers who like a quiet, comfortable and relaxing spot to delve into a good book. Suitable indoors or outdoors.

Furthermore, due to a solo hanging point, chair hammocks do not take up a large section of room. They only need just over a metre of width and the as much length as you require to stretch out. So you could even fit in a few in a row. While not taking up much space, once in our chair hammocks provide an abundance of room allowing even those over 6ft to stretch out fully from head to toe.

Mexican hammock hanging chair

With spring and summer coming soon we have a great new range of colours coming into stock, along with great display photos so you can really see what how the colours will look when in use.

We will also have for the first time a very versatile and practical freestanding hammock chair stand. Allowing you to enjoy your hammock chair nearly anywhere, easy to setup and hang your hammock with the need for any other fixing points. We will have more details of this hammock stand in the near future. To view our full range of chair hammocks please visit our online store.

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