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Hammocks For Father's Day

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One of the great things about Father's day (other than taking the day to appreciate our Father's) is the fact that is now Spring! If your dad is like mine he has been dying to be outside getting into all those jobs he always has on the go. There is always re-landscaping and gardening to do, and it beats being inside on a wet cold winters day.

Again if you father is like mine he already has all the tools and equipment he needs, so perhaps he is more in need or a bit of relaxation and comfort after a hard day working in the sun. Beer is always good, but that'll be drunk by the end of the weekend. If you really want to get him off his feet for an hour or two at the end of the day, then the perfect item is an authentic Mexican Hammock. Hand-woven in Mexico where hard work and relaxing go hand in hand.

Indoor Mexican hammock

Ideally suited to those warm spring and summer days, where dad can kick back and relax his body with a cold beer before he's back into BBQ duty.

At Mexican Hammocks NZ we have a great range of hammocks suitable for your father this coming Father's day on September 5th. Nothing beats the relaxation of a Mexican King Size hammock. Large enough for the biggest of dads, holding up to 250kg. So room for the whole family. The Resort Style hammock is also a very popular hammock and makes a very attractive feature on the new deck that dad has just built.

So give your dad the gift of relaxation this Father's day and he is sure to feel better for it!

Wishing all Father's the best of days on September 5th.

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