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Hammocks As An Emergency Bedding Option

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It has been a terrible time across the country and globe lately with natural disasters causing chaos and destruction. With Earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan and major flooding in Queensland last year and New South Wales this year.

In retrospect of these events, it shows the need to be prepared for such catastrophes.

While we have no control over these events, we are still in the position to be able to prepare for possible future events. Family planning - establishing meeting places and contact plans, preparing household survival kits' which contain survival necessities such as food, water and shelter.

Home and office survival kits can generally be purchased in a variety of places, from supermarkets or Government departments - which are also good for providing more detailed information on exact requirements and quantities of items important to your survival needs.

An important consideration that is often overlooked is your bedding or sleeping arrangements. If you can't gain access or it is unsafe to enter your house (earthquake damaged) or/and the ground is wet/flooded then a hammock can provide a very versatile sleeping option. This will keep you up off the ground and provide a comfortable nights sleep.

Then when not in use a hammock can simply be folded up and packed in with the rest of your survival equipment. Generally no larger than shoe box size once folded, meaning it is often smaller than a bedroll and a lot more practical and convenient than a blowup mattress. With sizes for one or the whole family, a hammock provides a great sleeping option for everyone.

A great benefit of the hammock is its versatility, you can hang between trees, from fence posts, off the side of the house, you can even use a car roof rack or rail as one fixing point.

Hanging hammock from car roof racks

Importantly after such events ensure you check the safety and stability of any fixture or structure you intend to attach a hammock too.

Our thoughts are with all those affected by the recent spate of natural disasters.

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