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Hammocks and Vitamin D

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It's officially the last day of winter here in New Zealand and with the great weather we have been getting lately, it's already starting to feel like spring. Flowers and leaves are budding, it's great to see.

Spring is a great time to start getting back outside and enjoying your hammock. After being cooped up inside over winter, it is a nice feeling to get outside in the sun and fresh air. As the sun is still not so high, you don't have to worry so much about getting sunburnt or getting too hot either. On those cooler yet sunny days, you can still enjoy the sun's warmth by using a blanket or dressing in black which will attract the sun's heat. You'll quickly remember how much you have missed the sun! Spring days are often particularly clear and calm - perfect for just relaxing.

Spreader Bar Mexican hammock and blanket

There are also health benefits associated with catching direct sunlight. According to a article, Vitamin D has been shown to prevent many serious illnesses including prostate and breast cancer, depression and osteoporosis. The article even suggests that Vitamin D is the world’s most undervalued nutrient.

A few more interesting facts about sunlight include:

  1. Vitamin D is only generated from direct sunlight on your skin. Glass screens these rays, so sitting inside in the sun won't help.
  2. Attempting to consumer the required amount of vitamin from your diet is very difficult.
  3. The buildup of vitamin D can take many months. So daily exposure to the sun it a good thing.

If you are setting your Mexican hammock back up now after winter to take advantage of the warm spring weather, perhaps it is a good time to just review our hammock instructions, use and care guide, so your hammock will continue to be used and enjoyed for many more years to come.

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