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Hammock Set Colours

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Our weavers have been hard at work for us for the last few months creating a special range of set colours for you. We often have many comments that the hammocks colours are hard to visualise while they are bundled up. Generally, each hammock is unique in its colour and pattern, therefore that is the main reason we haven't been able to fully display the hammocks. It is just impossibly time-consuming to go through each hammock opening, hanging and photographing, repacking.

Rainbow Colour Set - Mexican Hammock

Therefore we have come up with a great range of popular set colours, that we are stocking quantities of and can better display the full spectrum of colours and patterns in each hammock. We are still keeping a few options of the unique coloured hammocks, so if there is not something there that catches your eye or if you want something totally unique, check back often as these ones we update regularly.

Blue and white cotton Mexican hammock

As they are hand-woven care is taken to ensure accurate replicas of each image is created, however, due to the intricate patterns and details, some variation may exist from the actual hammock and that displayed on the image. Different computer screens will also display colours slightly differently, and the nylon and cotton hammocks cord colours will vary slightly also. Nylon is very bright and shiny, whereas the cotton has more of a matt finish.

To check out our great new range, simply view our online website and the all the new colours will be prominently displayed. The set colours are available on all our sizes and styles of hammock. From time to time we will update this colour range with new colours. 

All the best for the fast approaching holiday season. No better time to gift for Christmas, or simply to purchase for yourself to relax in over the holiday time.

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