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Hammock Power Napping

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In a recent sleep article on the NZ Herald websitethey suggested"Don't sleep longer - sleep smarter."

Among other things in the article they suggest power napping as a great way of relaxing and helping you to sleep later on in the evening. "It has a restorative effect on the body and can help us settle down when it is time to turn in," says Dr Ramlakhan.

We have always suggested hammocks as a great way of relaxing and refreshing oneself, and they are ideal for power naps and full nights of sleep.

Spreader bar Mexican hammock

Those that own and regularly use hammocks will be well aware of this. It is a lovely feeling when you can just rest your book on your chest and gently drift off to sleep. Waking up feeling refreshed and comfortable. A quality Mexican hammock is ideally suited as the hammock provides full body support. The hammock naturally conforms to your body shape meaning you won't wake up with a sore back or neck like you often seem to do when you fall asleep on a couch or chair.

So instead of having your afternoon nap on the couch or oversleeping on the bed, try an authentic Mexican hammock, beautifully comfortable and supportive, perfect for the rest you need. Being so versatile they are suitable to hang inside or outside.

For more information on power naps see Wikipedia here -

Sleep well!

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