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Hammock Cord - Cotton or Nylon

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One of the most common questions we get asked here is what is the difference between the cotton and nylon Mexican hammocks. 

Firstly whether the hammock is made of cotton or nylon, the process and weave are exactly the same.  The hammocks are still hand-woven to the same high-quality standards in the same fashion, the only difference is the cord type.

The main differences are that cotton hammocks are softer and slightly more comfortable, as they stretch and mould more to your body shape. Nylon hammocks are also very comfortable but are slightly firmer and more durable. They will not stretch as much but are often better if you are leaving outdoors for extended periods of time unprotected.

Both will come in a variety of vibrant colours, yet the cotton colours will have more of a matte finish, and the nylon will be very glossy and shiny.

Both types should be looked after with similar care and kept dry and protected from the elements when not in use to enhance the lifespan of your hammock.

Cotton Hammock

Blue cotton hammock Nylon Hammock Blue nylon hammock As you can see from the images you can see a variation in the colouring of the cord used in the hammocks. Both the nylon and cotton will, however, have the arms or ends made of nylon. You do not lay on this bit so this is done to enhance the strength of and prolong the life of the hammocks. If you are still unsure what is the best option for your situation, please feel free to contact us.

Generally, we recommend cotton for maximum comfort if you are likely to place this back inside after use. If you are more likely to leave your hammock outside then the nylon version is often a good choice.

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