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Caring for a Mexican Hammock

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Now that summer is nearly here and we are all outside enjoying the sun and relaxing in our hammocks there are a few things to consider when looking to prolong the life of your hammock.

Mexican outdoor hammock

Due to the nature of Mexican hammocks being hand-woven they do require a certain level of care to prolong their lives. With the proper care and use your Mexican hammock should last many years.

Hammock weaving in Mexico

One of the first things to consider is the use of the hammock, while strong and supportive, the weave of the hammock needs to be protected from possible snagging which can disturb the weave. Simple to avoid you just need to ensure the clothing you are wearing is free from anything (buttons, clips, hooks, velcro) that could accidentally catch or hook into the hammock cords. As when you then move or go to get up from the hammock this can pull a cord out of alignment disturbing the support weave. In this regard, it also pays to ensure if hung from trees, that there are no branches that could possibly snag the hammock when it is blowing in the wind.

Another thing that will greatly influence your hammocks life is the environment in which it lives. Cotton hammocks while super comfortable are like any cotton fabric and should be protected from the elements when not in use. Excessive sun, wind and rain will shorten the hammocks lifespan. While more durable nylon hammocks, still should also be protected in a similar way. A few easy ways of doing this.

- Use 's' hooks, tree straps or quick release knots to simply attach and detach the hammock after every use and move indoors. Either pop into a pillowcase or use a high wall hook to hang the hammock ends on. This way the hammock is within convenient use at all times.

- Use a hammock protection cover. This is a plastic covering that simply slides along the length of the hammock encasing it to protect it from the elements. This will save you bringing your hammock indoors every day.

Hammocks are made for comfort and relaxation. While supporting a lot of weight, they are not designed to be swung or jumped in. This can damage your hammock and limit its lifespan. Never overload your hammock, and regularly check for signs of deterioration for personal safety.

So by following these simple ideas, you can easily enjoy your hammocks for years to come.

Have a great Spring and Summer from the Mexican Hammocks NZ team.

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