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5 Dogs That Love Hammocks As Much As You Do

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Hammocks may be designed with humans in mind, but that doesn't mean our four-legged friends don't want to also a enjoy a bit of hammock time.

Not all of them have it quite figured out, but that doesn't stop them trying! Enjoy these cute guys giving 'hammocking' a go.

This is one of my favourites, young Boomer seems a little too excited to lie down and relax, maybe it's just more fun for him as a toy. This could be a quick way to destroy a good hammock though.

Another super excited hammock using dog is Columbus the Bulldog. He seems to like nothing more than tipping the hammock from one end to the other. The rain doesn't seem to both him much either. Good all weather use of a hammock right there.

Jub Jub, loves his hammock. He's even sun-smart, rocking sunglasses, but he's a big guy and pretty furry so does seem a little hot. Maybe a spot in the shade might suit him better.

Siberian Huskies plus hammocks! These guys aren't afraid to share cuddles and licks in their backyard hammock. Getting them to settle down for more than a minute or so looks like it might be a challenge.

This dog has it sorted with an almost perfect entry! Face first transitioning into a comfortable curled position. He actually makes it look pretty easy and does look very comfortable.

Dogs are not the only animals that love a good hammock. Here is a bonus video of a donkey chilling out in a hammock. Little miniature Pistol Pete seems more than content gently swaying in his hammock.

So next time you are looking for the perfect hammock companion to share time with, the family pet is always a great option. Definitely a great cuddle buddy to share some relaxing moments with. Do take care they as they don't always understand the mechanics of hammocks, so be sure to give them a helping hand in and out of your hammock and take care they don't get paws or claws snagged up in the hammock.

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